Web design has changed so much over the years, even in just the last year.  Technology moves at the speed of light these days, and that includes web design and its trends.  When websites first started to pop up, they were purely informational.  Now they are interactive and a necessity for any business.  But they aren't just for business.  There are many different types of websites out there.  Here we will list a few.

Personal ~ There are a lot of individuals out there who have their own websites for their own personal use.  List your resumé, your photos, your journal, whatever you might want your friends and family to have access too.  Just remember that if you make the information public, anyone can view it.

Blogs ~ This can be a personal website also if you're just wanting to journal for yourself, family, friends, etc.  But you can also turn it into a business or provide lots of great information for the general public or a specific group.  Many people blog for a living these days and if done right, it can be a profitable business that you can run from the comfort of your home.

Informational ~ There are websites out there that are created just to get information out to the public or for a specific group of people.  It could be from a teacher, a researcher, or anyone that has something helpful to provide.

E-Learning ~ Provide interactive classes, sell documents from your site, be an expert in your field.  Make money.

Photography / Photo Sharing ~ If you're a photographer and you want to show off those photos, we can help you do that.  Or if you want to sell your photos from your site, we can help you with that too.  You can even have it set up to sell and download right from your site.  There are lots of options, just ask!

Writers / Authors ~ Having your writing published and gotten much easier these days.  You can write a book, have it published yourself, or even sell it as an e-Book through a variety of sources.  You can even sell it and have it downloaded right from your site.  

E-Commerce ~ Brick & mortar isn't a necessity anymore to sell a product or service.  Or if you do have a physical store, selling online can boost your sales exponentially.  Especially if you have a product that's unique or hard to find.

Brochure / Catalog Sites ~  Many businesses don't have a product to sell, but a service.  They still want to show off what they have.  They can do it with some great photos and excellent descriptions.  This would work for salons, restaurants, and lots of others.

Directory ~ These are sites set up to provide a directory of information, for example, Yellow Pages or a local business directory.  They are generally specific to a category, or you can search by category if there are several.

Social Media / Community / Member ~  Did you know you can set up your own social media network?  Or if you have the need for a member only site, it's not as scary to set up as it sounds.  You can have a site where people can connect with each other, provide status updates, and so much more.  The possibilities are endless!

Do any of these give you any ideas?  If you have a business already we can help you get started with your site.  Or maybe we helped you come up with an idea for a new business?  We love entrepreneurs and business start-ups!  Let us help you launch your business or take it to the next level.  Contact us today and we can help you become the "Most Wanted!"

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